Homeless man stands on same corner for 3 years, now part of community

By | March 19, 2017

When we pass the same thing every day, the tendency is to not even notice it anymore. Maybe it’s an advertisement that’s been up for months, a shop’s sign that has been missing a letter for years, or a beautiful tree that has stood all your life.

In this case, it was a homeless man that had had been standing on the same Texas street corner for three years. Plenty of people passed him, but nobody knew his story — until one day when Ginger Sprouse decided to stop and talk to him.

His name, it turns out, was Victor Hubbard.  He was homeless and suffering from mental health issues. The street corner was the last place he saw his mother, and he was waiting for her to return.

Ginger began visiting him on her lunch breaks, and the two became friends. She started the Facebook page “This is Victor” as a way to help the community get to know him the way she was.

This glimpse has inspired the community to help get clothes and medication for the man that so many passed on that corner every day. They also started a GoFundMe Page that’s raised over $19,000 and had a block party to show their support.

Not only has Ginger helped Victor get off the streets and into mental health clinics, but they’re also co-workers: He’s now got a job in her business’s kitchen.

Victor has even been able to see his mother again. But more importantly, he has found a much bigger family in the community — all because someone decided to stop and have a conversation. Watch the video to see the story of this friendship.