Nintendo Surprises young boy With A Switch after he donated his Wii to grieving local police department after an officer was shot

By | April 13, 2017

A special little boy receives a surprise after donating his Nintendo Wii to officers during tough times.

Brady Duke, 7, donated the gaming device to the Wausau Police Department to help officers cope with the loss of a colleague. He did this after the Mar. 22 shooting spree in the Wausau area.

On Tuesday the Wausau Police Department posted on its Facebook page that leaders from Nintendo Co., Ltd. contacted the department and wanted to surprise Brady.

“Nintendo asked Chief Hardel if we would help deliver a brand new Nintendo Switch game console to Brady and his family,” said the post.

Several officers and Congressman Sean Duffy went to Brady’s home to give him the surprise.

The Facebook post ended by saying, “Let’s all follow Brady’s example and continue to look for ways to be a positive influence for others!”