Elderly Woman Is Left In Tears Of Joy Even After 4 Boys Sneak Into Her Yard

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"I was out of town enjoying my winnings, then came back to see this!

I’m very seldom without words, but this is one time, you mark it down in history, that I didn’t have something to say."

Anna never told anyone about the $410,000 jackpot prize she won a week earlier. ‘Cause according to her, it may make people change around her.

"I was afraid to say anything because I wasn't sure if it was real or not. I wanted to verify it with my bank first."

Anna's bank statement from her CIBC bank account in Vancouver.

"Then I got to thinking, maybe I shouldn’t say anything to anyone at all”

But when I got back from my 1-week trip from France, enjoying my winnings, these four boys from my neighborhood sneaked into my yard and started mowing my lawn. They told me it’s ‘cause they thought I needed the help.

Anna recently won a whopping $410,000 jackpot after playing a new online casino game her friend recommended. She only threw in a couple of bucks every few days until one day, she hit it big.

She said she will no longer keep the jackpot prize a secret and will share it with her neighbors, especially the four little boys that constantly help him.

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